Our Mission.

When Total Gate was established in 2004, we knew that we could build the best gate in the industry. It became our mission to separate ourselves from the competition through constant innovation, unbeatable quality and outstanding customer service.

We are gate artisans.

In order to deliver the best gate system on the market, we know attention to detail and quality control is essential. Total Gate has a specialist for every phase of the build process. On top of that, we have an established team of subcontractors – such as electricians, masons and suppliers – that we have worked with for years.

Building brilliant gate systems.

Every gate we design must incorporate three virtues: aesthetic, durability and functionality. It must be beautiful, it must be able to endure our Canadian climate and it must operate perfectly.

Our shop

We are located in Brampton and do all of our fabrication and assembly at our shop, using only our fabricators. Every day we work together to make entryways that are exactly what our clients want and to a level that we will proudly put our name on.


We are honest in our business.
We try to do the best for the clients.
We provide a very good, properly designed and built product.
We stand behind our product with industry-leading warranty and trustworthy service and maintenance.

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