How Slide Gates Work

Total Gate uses a cantilever system for slide gates. This means that the gate ‘floats’ over the entire driveway without ever touching it.

Two rollers on one side of the driveway hold a piece of roll formed steel track. This forms the basis of the gate’s mechanics. Virtually any design of gate can be designed and built onto that track. Our innovative attachment makes it possible to build a light, strong aluminum gate and attach it to the steel track seamlessly.

For the homeowner, the cantilever slide gate system means that heavy snow, aggregate surfaces and steep driveways are no longer a problem.

  • riverview wood metal slide gate

Slide Gate Features

  • Unlimited Design Choice
  • Build with aluminum, ferrous metals, wood and/or glass
  • Enhanced security
  • Perfectly synchronized gate,
    motors, posts, and access control

  • Any finish of colour available
  • Full design service
  • Lifetime warranty

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