How Swing Gates Work

As the names suggests, swing gates “swing” open. Total Gate has created an innovative system to incorporate an automated gate into any type of masonry column. Our inner column posts hold the weight of the gate and transfer the weight to the concrete foundations rather than the stonework.

We can also hang our gates on stand alone metal posts. We build the posts to suit the project including our custom stand alone posts with a cast aluminum cap and base for a beautiful finished look.

  • warren road swing gate
  • shaver road swing gate
  • stand alone swing gate
  • modern swing gate

Swing Gate Features

  • Traditional or Modern Design
  • Build with aluminum, ferrous metals, wood and/or glass
  • Masonry Columns or Stand-alone Posts
  • Perfectly synchronized gate,
    motors, posts, and access control

  • Any finish of colour available
  • Full design service
  • Custom pivot hinges with sealed roller bearings
  • Lifetime warranty

Ready to give your property the beautiful first impression it deserves? Drop us a line and let us help you.